I worked with several other therapists before George. The biggest difference between their approach and his is that George is highly skilled at seeing connections between the past and present, rather than allowing me to focus too much on current situations that arise. He’s very perceptive and sees the bigger picture. George’s responses are often counterintuitive and unexpected, which has pushed me in valuable ways. George’s method has given me new ways of thinking about my life and past trauma, which I’m able to apply daily. Two years later and my life looks incredibly different: my anxiety has hugely decreased; my marriage is much stronger; daily challenges that life throws my way are much more manageable. This has been the most valuable investment of time and money that I could have made. –Client #1

George recognizes addictions as symptoms, and works to get at the deeper issues driving the addiction. He’s gifted at helping people both get sobriety and heal the underlying trauma. You see results because of this. –Client #2

I’ve been a part of George’s women’s group for a little over a year now. Because it’s a consistent group of women and they know my story, I can focus on recovery and growth rather than staying caught up in my trauma. These women aren’t afraid of difficult situations or the very real trauma that many members of the group have experienced or are currently experiencing, and I don’t feel like I’m burdening anyone like I often feel with my other friendships. Even though the discussions are deeply emotional, women’s group can also be fun. I always leave feeling uplifted and recharged with empathy and compassion, self-confidence, love for my partner and love for myself. In my work with George, both couples counseling and specifically in women’s group, I’m learning to be a better parent and partner, to advocate and take care of myself, and to communicate honestly with respect and compassion. –Client #3


Working with George has been transformative. I began as an angry, wet alcoholic

who felt like he could never catch a break. George has helped me undo a lot of the brain wiring that has made me such a shameful person. As a result, I have a lot more of a capacity for empathy and humility. I am now almost two years sober from

drugs and alcohol. My marriage is intact and flourishing, and my wife

and I just had our first child last May. —Client #4

Former therapists seemed to focus on changing my feelings, “fixing them” so they wouldn’t cause me so much anxiety. George’s approach involved trusting feelings and intuition first, with the belief that the only way out is through – if feelings or situations were going to change, they first had to be given their space, and felt and explored fully, which effectively drained them of their power. Because of my work with George, I have had real experiences of healthy interdependence with important relationships in my life. Even around emotionally-heavy people like parents, we have an adult-to-adult relationship instead of adult-to-child. I have given myself permission to be human – I can make mistakes, and it doesn’t crush me! —Client #5

I first met with George out of curiosity and with a bit of skepticism, but he exceed my expectations and more. His unique approach to therapy changes addiction, depression and even health issues. My childhood abuse had led me to live with self hate, anger, inability to trust and broken relationships. My emotional breakdowns spilled over into my physical health, and I was diagnosed with incurable fibromyalgia.


George was committed to my healing and helping me to live my best life. He met with me week after week, drove the long distance to our home when I was on bed rest, and was accessible for emergency calls. It has now been over 4 years since George has come into my life, and I am happy to say I am a different person. I don’t see life through lenses of abuse; I am able to separate the “triggers” which used to spiral down to fear and depression; I am able to love me and love others- you can’t have one without the other. As I healed emotionally my physical health improved and I am happy to say I no longer have fibromyalgia. My children now can have a different snapshot of their mother- engaged and lively. My husband, who has been my very best friend through thick and thin, has the freedom to live his best life too because his wife is happy! –Client # 6

Conversation and guided reflection with George has opened the doors for my inner self to see a way to fully participate in my interactions with others. My confidence to participate in the world is growing and when I do, the interactions I have with others are more rich and satisfying. –Client #7